Make Instagram Accessible

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For years Instagram has only been a mobile phone-based application, but this has got to change because it is discriminating against every person who hasn't got a mobile phone! You would expect all Social Media sites would be accessible, wouldn't you? This is as far away from the truth as you can get. 

I have tried to contact Facebook, the developers of Instagram about this several times about this, but I have had no response - not even a confirmation email saying that they have received my email...

I cannot use a mobile phone due to physical limitations, but I still use Instagram. To use Instagram on my computer, I have two options:

  1. The first option is to download two separate applications onto my computer, which can take up memory and it can slow the processing speed down as well.
  2. The second option is to download a browser add-on, which turns your computer browser screen into a phone display. The issue with this is the more add-ons your browser has, the slower your browser will perform. - Even then you don't have access to all of Instagram's features.

It would help if the developers of Instagram (i.e. Facebook) modified Instagram to make it fully accessible from a personal computer, then everyone would be able to use it just by one website or application. For example; create "upload" and "messages" buttons on the Instagram website. Maybe I have missed a few features out, but I'm sure you understand what I am saying.

I didn't even know that Instagram had a message system until I downloaded the Windows 10 app. People who are less determined than me aren't likely to find these solutions because they are not easy to find at all! - Yes, I thought that there had to be a way, so I searched and searched and searched. I finally found a way, but it still wasn't the best.

A few months ago I discovered a better way to upload to Instagram, using a mobile phone emulator add-on for my browser. In the main, this add-on is great, but I can't upload to my story using it because it says I need to rotate my device to add to my story? How am I supposed to rotate my computer? Furthermore, even if someone does have a mobile, they might not be able to rotate it. It's bloody ludicrous! If the Instagram website had the option to let users upload to their profile and their story from a PC, more people would be able to use it. 

I can't upload videos or go live on Instagram either.

I would be extremely grateful if you would look into making Instagram accessible to all, including those who can only use a PC. I am no expert, but surely it can be done.