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Make Facebook do its part to end online identity theft NOW!

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Every day thousands of people's personal information is being stolen by hackers taking advantage of Facebook's laissez-faire attitude towards identity theft.

While Facebook rakes in billions of dollars thanks to its users, it doesn't provide any customer support in the event their accounts are held hostage by hackers. These hackers are stealing our personal information and that of our friends. They post links to our Facebook pages that redirect our friends to fishing websites designed to steal their accounts, propagating theft on a massive scale. They then try to extort money from us in exchange for access to our own accounts! Meanwhile, Facebook does nothing...

Thousands of us have tried to contact Facebook but the only reply we receive is a form letter with a link to a "frequently asked questions" page. Since the hackers have changed our personal log-in information we're unable to answer the questions given to us by the automated system thus forcing us to either pay the hackers to regain access to years of pictures and personal history or create a new Facebook page and start over again.

If Facebook is going to make Billions of dollars from our information the least they can do is provide a little help when our accounts are stolen and used to trap other unsuspecting Facebook users.

Tell Facebook to do its duty to help end on-line identity theft NOW and give people a means to regain access to their stolen accounts.

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