Lift the facebook ban regarding animal sales

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To Mark Zuckerberg and any other CEO of Facebook. We the undersigned understand that your main objective is to ensure the welfare of animals and to limit any sales or promotions of peer to peer transactions. We actually share the same objective as breeders and people as far as ensuring the health and safety of these animals. But with approach you are taking , we feel that you are enabling puppy mills and pet stores to be the main source of options for the average person looking to add a pet to their family. We are concerned that you are doing more harm than good to these animals. By not allowing the average person to rehome their pets in need of a new family, they are resorting to turning them over to shelters. The very thing we are trying to prevent. Then, you have the small breeders that use Facebook. Unlike brick and mortar puppy mills and pet stores, the small breeder researches and gets to know prospective buyers of their animals through facebook and makes sure this is the right choice for them and the puppy. The sale of the puppy/animals is not solely based on the amount of cash in their wallet like 95% of brick and mortars. Selling on Facebook actually allows them to ensure that the animals are well cared for and loved once they are sold. As opposed to using other media and means to sell puppies or animals that do not give them the ability to keep track of the animals once they leave their homes. Please either lift the ban on animal sales. Or at the very least make some way that those who are legitimate breeders can pay for a business page or something to keep selling and keep track of the animals that are rehomed. This ban I understand does not include brick and mortar entities such as shelter and rescue organizations. If you allow them to continue to sell then you should at least offer the same options to responsible breeders. Facebook is a place that brings together responsible breeders with responsible buyers and makes sure that the welfare of the animals is the uppermost concern of all. It then can forge new families through the sales of these animals and builds lasting relationships. We (the breeders) have health guarantees , applications for screening and contracts on all our animals that leave our care as well as return policies should the new owners be unable to care for that animal any longer. Buyers feel very confident in the breeders they find on Facebook. Facebook gives them the opportunity to investigate that breeder and talk to past puppy parents of that said breeder. It is a wonderful network and asset , that helps to ensure they are getting a responsible well cared for animal from them. Breeders know that the buyers are someone who will care for and love that animal just as much as the breeder they received it from. As you address this concern, I would ask you to take in consideration the following things. Is Facebook doing more harm than good by only allowing puppy mills and pets stores to sell on this site and at their last resort a shelter full of puppies from those exact places? Is there some other way to enforce or revise your policy without crippling the avenue to find these animals good homes and ensure their welfare as well as giving people the avenue to find good breeders or animals needing new placement ?
We appreciate your time and consideration on this matter.