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Lift the ban on MPACUK's page immediately


Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK) is a not-for-profit Muslim Organisation that attempts to empower British Muslims to take part in strategic, peaceful, political action in the UK.

MPACUK encourages Muslims to understand and participate in British politics such as voting.  We are an organisation that is a voice for the voiceless; we raise awareness of issues that are affecting millions of oppressed, abused and discriminated people around the globe.


MPACUK have a large following from people of all colours, faiths, and nationalities. As an organisation, we highly regard humanity and equality, and believe Muslims too should be able to live in peace without fear, prejudice or persecution.

Recently the MPACUK page was banned by Facebook; we contacted Facebook regarding this and till date have not received a reply from Facebook as to why such a drastic action was taken.

We have a very large following/support from the public who rely on us for information, updates and communiqués around the globe. We find it unjust that our page was suddenly closed without any warning, explanation or feedback.

We urge Facebook to protect freedom of speech and to lift this ban immediately.

We request that you all please sign and share this petition widely.

Thank you for your support,


Kind regards



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