Keep fish and aquarium swap sites on Facebook

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Recently Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg have decided to begin dropping the hammer on aquatic life fish swap, sell and breeding groups, siting Facebook community standards that don't allow selling of live animals. 

First let me mention that everyone being affected by this understands the original purpose of the Facebook rule that was and is to help protect animals. We too love animals and would love to see our passion and hobby grow and thrive.

We also believe that one of the largest reasons that this hobby has done just that in the past 10 or so years is because of Facebook.  In the tight knit  fish community poor breeder, sellers, and buyers are always quickly black listed or simply fail because word of mouth and quality get around quickly and competition is not far. These groups are also used heavily for advice and help for new(and experienced) fish keepers which is good and positive for everyone. 

Please Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, let us continue with using your platform to keep spreading our wonderful hobby to new people and hobbyist.