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INSTAGRAM. Bring back chronological order, change the algorithm for the better!

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I believe in March 2016 the timeline for every user switched from being chronological order, which had a detrimental affect on businesses, entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Influencers, just everybody as a whole. Instead they show you what they believe you would like to see, based on what you have and tend to like, share and interact with. Users have been experiencing an extreme drop in engagement since doing so, as their posts aren't showing up to most of their followers. I myself being an influencer have experienced this and always see posts showing up on my feed, from days ago. Me and many of the people experienced by this that I've spoken to have noticed the same and would like to be able to see as soon as that person posts, so they can keep up and show support to accounts boost their engagement not just "catching up" with what Instagram "thinks" you would like to. After the uproar of the change in Facebook algorithms, this didn't seem like a likely approach - but sadly this has affected most users and personally have had a vast majority of friends quit and give up on their business/hobbies and all kinds of ventures.

SO if you guys are disappointed in the change and want Instagram to switch it back to how it was - CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER or at the bare minimum be able to have some sort of setting to view your feed how you would like to - please sign the petition, share with your friends and get word around so they are able to view this and take the thoughts on board and hopefully see a change in the near future!

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