Instagram and Facebook to make animal abuse content against community standards

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After reporting an account (catabuselol) that shares animal abuse content for fun, I received a support request that states they have added warnings that sensitive content is being shared. I am appalled that Instagram has allowed this account to remain up and posting.  

Videos and pictures of animal abuse have no place in the world outside of a court room as evidence. I am outraged and sickened that Instagram views this as appropriate content and allows accounts like these to continue posting such abhorrent media. 

Social media- especially platforms such as Instagram often has a younger audience that should not be subjected to the horror of nauseating neglect, violence and even death of animals. Media of cat and dog fights serve no purpose, educational or otherwise. 

How can Instagram set out their rules under 'Community guidelines' and then allow this to continue? I want no part of a community that views animal abuse as anything less than evil, disgusting and absolutely a violation of any possible rule that cares for the lives of animals. 


Please sign, share and use the hashtag #dontletanimalabuseinourcommunity 


Animals of the world deserve better than their suffering to be shared as lighthearted entertainment.