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In Need of Gender-Neutral Pronoun options for Non-Conforming Individuals

Those who do not identify in the gender binary of Male or Female need gender neutral pronouns to be at ease. They, their, and themselves are hidden in the code, but are no longer an option on Timeline (Including Ze, Zir, Zimself, and variants.) Supporters and members of LGBT (QIUSA) and GSM (Gender and Sexuality Minority) communities should take this petition into consideration.

"Facebook's timeline forces people to choose an identity from a socially constructed gender binary, which is unfair since some people do not identify as "male" or "female." Especially since I've known people who struggled with their gender identity, I think it is wrong to force an identity on anyone. Facebook should be more considerate of people who have different identities and it is not unreasonable for gender neutral pronouns to be available for those who need them."
Emily Gauthier, author of The Vermillion's "UL first in Louisiana to offer LGBT minor as option"




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