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Facebook: Please remove a DANGEROUS hate group on your site called ERBL END RACE BASED LAW as it INCITES HATRED AND SHAME Upon the Indigenous People of Canada!

Welcome, this petition has been created by a group of people from multiple ethnic backgrounds who have come together to attempt to have a Dangerous Facebook hate page REMOVED as it provides a platform for criminal hate speech against Indigenous Canadians as well as incitement of violence which is unacceptable.  The page has certainly crossed over from free speech to hate speech.  You can learn more about the VILE hate speech at Shut ERBL Down and Auntiethis Word Press, please visit:



More about Shut ERBL Down:


STOP ONLINE HATE - ERBL supports Racialization & Oppression of First Nations. ERBL is a Hate Group. 



The purpose of the page is to:
- Expose ERBLs use of misinformation and stereotyped rhetoric.
- Air the misinformation in order to create space for the Truth.

ERBL’s Mission Statement is Only a Disguise!

END RACE BASED LAW claims to want to promote unity, but the reality is that the page ERBL is used to incite hate and shame upon the First Nations people in Canada.

ERBL END RACE BASED LAW’s mission statement from their public Facebook page:


"END RACE BASED LAW" is a not for profit organization dedicated to the discussion and process of reopening the constitution for Canada's 150th birthday in 2017, abolishing race based law for special interest groups. One Nation, One Law for all.

Our mission is to reopen the constitution IN 2017 and END RACE BASED LAW.


Beyond the obvious of Canada's 'race based' reserve system -- which is itself reliant on the 'race based' Indian Act -- and the 'race based' Section 35 of the Constitution,

"With the repeal of sections 24 and 35 of the Charter, the legislatures of Canada, the House of Commons and the provincial legislatures, their legislative supremacy restored, and, they not being constitutionally restricted as... before, would then be able to pass laws in the areas of their respective jurisdictions reversing, eliminating or otherwise dealing with...The Indian Act and its progeny, the reservation system and special race-based laws and entitlements for Indians -- the heart of the whole benignly racist, segregationist, dysfunctional and harmful matter..." 
--D. Peter Best, "Ending the Reservation System and Race-based Laws"



This is a Facebook group that shames and terrorizes aboriginal people online. The administration of the group and its members claim to speak about race based law, but it is geared towards spreading hate and shame upon aboriginal people as well as condones when members promote violence towards First Nations on their page. I have been a target of libel/slander, harassment and cyber squatting by Tittler.  Many people have been the target of her cyber bullying. ERBL also created a false Facebook account and used a name out of the obituaries and used it to make an alias account which was used to harass those whom she labels as "the cyber gang rapists" via private message. The family of the deceased woman whom ERBL used has been notified.

Here is a link to the END RACE BASED LAW Facebook Group (a group that promotes hate speech against Canadian Indigenous people as a whole):!/pages/END-RACE-BASED-LAW/332982123470694?fref=ts 

The Online Hate Prevention Insitutute writes:

“The Online Hate Prevention Institute is a registered charity in Australia with a focus on preventing and reducing online hate, such as online racism. In 2013 a ‘discussion’ erupted on our Facebook page between members of Canada’s First Nations and Michele Tittler and her ‘End Race Based Law’ Facebook page.  In OHPI’s opinion Michele Tittler’s page constituted hate speech. In January 2014 she has been in the news for trolling a child with harsh race based comments. Our statements from 2013 and an update on the 2014 incident follow.”


In January of 2014 ERBL End Race Based Law made a post on their page about the “Got Land? Thank an Indian” news story and they decided to post a link to Tennelle’s personal Facebook page which led to Tittler as well as the other racists from her page making racist comments on the 13 year olds page.  Tittler was interviewed by CBC radio where she completely admits to going to Tennelle’s page to verbally attack her.


Media talks about threats made by Michele Tittler of End Race Based Law, a hate page on Facebook, towards a 13 year old First Nations girl and towards the owner of 'Got Land' merchandise:!/content/1.2504294!/content/1.2503718!/content/1.2504294/


Most recently (April, 2014) APTN Investigates did a piece called ‘Love to Hate’ which talks about ERBL End Race Based Law’s hate speech:

Truth is:

Here are screen shots and files collected by many people to support our claims:

Master Collection-

Proof of Cyber squatting-

Proof of Fake Facebook Accounts created by ERBL to troll and attack First Nations people via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Online Blogs: 

Videos made by the founder of ERBL (hate page) on YouTube all targeting "Aboriginals"-


Tittler is using Facebook and YouTube to harass, slander, and libel First Nation people who are working to achieve our legal rights as well as our Allies which is a breach of our human rights:-

Video made by ERBL (Tittler) which libels and slanders those who oppose their racist ideology-



Thanks so much for taking the time for a great cause-anti racism!  Please remember that when a person claims to be a ‘political figure’ they are then open to public scrutiny and that is what we intend to do.

Letter to
Founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg, Founder & CEO Facebook: SHUT ERBL DOWN for Inciting Hate, Shame and Violence on Indigenous People
Please remove the Facebook HATE PAGE called End Race Based Law for inciting hate, shame, and violence on Aboriginal people of Canada. Hate speech is a regular daily dialogue on the ERBL page, so please have it removed from public.
It is a page that hides behind a message of equality, but the reality is it is a page that promotes hatred and disinformation for Indigenous people. The page constantly spews racist comments about Aboriginal people and members exchange stereotypes day in and day out for their entertainment.
I have seen Tittler ‘like’ comments that talk about killing off the Indians (meaning Aboriginal’s) or wishing they had killed off the Indians. Not only does she accept those comments on her page, she ‘likes’ them too! Please see the Master List in my petition description to see screen caps that prove my claims. As a First Nations woman I feel hurt that END RACE BASED LAW is allowed to exist on Facebook. Aboriginal people have gone through enough, please make this stop now!
Let’s make brighter future for all of our children and take down a harmful hate group from Facebook that children should not have access to. All the racist rhetoric is dangerous and could result in more violence towards Aboriginal people.

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