Hire Social Media Content Moderators on a Full-Time Basis

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Tired of fake news? Help Facebook moderators secure your user experience!

As evidenced by various news articles and stories, Facebook moderators are hired by the hundreds on a contract basis, with highly limited employee benefits. For individuals the world over battling issues of privacy and online illicit content sharing, this petition moves to persuade the social media giants, such as Facebook, Google (YouTube) and Twitter to hire contractors on a full-time basis. Hiring full-time would allow increased health benefits for those traumatized by their experience as well as provide incentive for these employees to perform above and beyond in their job, allowing for increased monitoring of fake news.

As a former content moderator for Facebook, I believe Facebook and other social media companies ultimately have their users' and employees' best interests in mind and, as such, would encourage their further inclusion and support of their content moderation teams.

Onward in securely connecting the world,

Sarah Katz