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I am among the almost five million transgender- or genderqueer-identified people who use Facebook on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, we do not have a means of accurately representing who we are on the world's largest social networking site.  Facebook has been inclusive in the past with their addition of "domestic partnership" to the potential relationship statuses.  What we are asking is for this inclusiveness to be extended to us, the gender-nonconforming, so that we can be visible and accepted on a large scale.

Letter to
Facebook Mark Zuckerberg (founder and CEO of Facebook)
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg (founder and CEO of Facebook).

Change profile gender options to include non-normative genders.

Facebook is a wide-reaching social network, with 845 million monthly active users and an average of 483 million daily active users (as of December 2011). By only having the options "male" and "female" for the "I am:" profile question, Facebook denies the identity of the millions of genderqueer people who use the site daily and doesn't allow them to express a large part of who they are.

It is estimated that 1% of people in the world identify as transgender or genderqueer; this means they, personally, do not feel like they fit the typical "men are men, women are women" concept of gender. Transgender people can change their gender on Facebook to the gender they would like to be perceived as and be more or less okay. Many others cannot do that and still be truthful to who they are. Some people don't identify as a particular gender -- they don't care what pronouns are used for them, but don't want it to be just male or just female pronouns. They feel they fall outside the standard gender binary. They are unable to express this through Facebook, not because they wish to hide who they are, but because it is literally impossible for them to do so.

Gender identity is part of people's lives, their personalities, it is literally who they are. Facebook, please change your ways and accommodate the almost five million people who use your site every single day around the world that identify themselves outside the gender binary. Please allow them to show who they truly are.


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