facebook: Give Control of Never Forget 9/11 to its creator Richard Karns

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I created a Facebook page, Never Forget 9/11, on January 26 of 2010. I worked on the page from its conception day in and day out. Countless tears and hours of work and volunteering by many went into this page over the course of going on three years now. Many non-profit organizations have benefited from the support base of this page as well.

The focus of this page was remembering and honoring those lost and affected on 9/11. Now the page has been handed over to an unknown individual. No one knows this secret individual's ambitions. They could be to do nothing and let the page turn into another run down abandoned page. Their intentions could be to stay on the same course it was before they took it. But the truth of the matter is, they have control of something that does not belong to them. They are operating a page that Facebook stole from its sole creator and handed over to them. Facebook says it is theirs but where is the proof that it is?

There is irrefutable evidence that I, Richard D Karns, created the page. Now all we have to do is get Facebook to realize that and hand control back over to me. Please help me, my staff, and the families that tell their stories today. Most importantly, help keep the legacies of those lost on 9/11 alive!

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