Get Instagram to remove pedophile accounts on instagram

Get Instagram to remove pedophile accounts on instagram

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Recently I realised there are an alarming amount of pedophile accounts on Instagram.

These accounts post pictures of children and gain attention from other pedophiles and predators. These people openly comment on posts, things that are more than inappropriate to say about a child.. But when you report these accounts, you will be met with the same generic reply from Instagram that the profile does not go against their community guidelines!


This is disgusting!


Instagram NEED to add an option when reporting an account for:

- Pedophilia. 

- Predators. 

- Inappropriate comments towards or about children. 

- Using photos of children for sexual gratification. 

- Using photos of children that do not belong to them, without consent. 

And Instagram needs to actually monitor these reports and not have them met with an automated response. 


Please sign this petition so Instagram pay attention to these HORRENDOUS accounts.


Thank you

Sofia Harrity

(If you see innapropiate accounts on Instagram, go to @acc0untless and let them know. Their goal is to get these accounts shut down)