Facebook Should Stop Targeting Legitimate CBD Companies

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CBD is a natural compound derived from the cannabis plant. It does not get you high, and there have been no serious side effects documented. 

Many people have replaced pharmaceutical drugs (medications for anxiety, epilepsy, and depression, etc.) with CBD, finding that it has many of the benefits of medical marijuana without the potentially unwanted psychotropic effects. 

Starting in mid-December of 2018, Facebook began targeting CBD businesses in the US and in the UK for no discernible reason, unpublishing their Facebook pages for "promoting the sale of pharmaceutical drugs." Outside of a couple FDA-approved medications that contain CBD, the vast majority of CBD products are not considered pharmaceutical drugs. Despite countless appeals, many of these pages remain unpublished. 

While Facebook gains revenue from pharmaceutical company ads, they are keeping the natural—and much less dangerous—alternatives out of sight. 

Sign this petition to say that you've noticed, that you don't want the pharmaceutical industry controlling this social media platform, and that you care about the small businesses that have been affected by Facebook's actions.