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Facebook, can we show solidarity to ALL victims of terrorism?

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During the last couple of emotional days following the Paris terrorist attack, people from all over the world have been showing great support and solidarity to France. I am pleased to see that we stand close together facing the horror and the insanity caused by violent extremism.

However, while I deeply appreciate the interest people have being showing to the recent tragedy, I am skeptical about the new Facebook trend to change one’s profile picture to the French flag. This new tool, promoted by the most international and multi-culturally used social-media platform, is meant to promote solidarity among ALL human beings in times of grieving.  

While the idea behind this invention is admirable, the decision taken by Facebook to select which tragedies users will be allowed to show their support to is offensive and discriminatory. If the goal is to show unity and solidarity among the people of the world, we have failed.

Facebook does not allow us to support Syrians, Lebanese, Kenyans, Nigerians, Iraqi and many other victims of ISIS and other terrorist groups. By choosing to commemorate just one portion of the victims killed by terrorists we are not showing ISIS our strength, but our weakness. We are not at all united for freedom and freedom of expression, for life and for moral values. Instead, ethnic discrimination prevails above human empathy. We are proving that the West just sides, once again, with western victims alone. We are proving that we are willing to select which victims is worth crying for. 

So today I would like to ask Facebook to give us the option to commemorate ALL victims of terrorism, without racial, ethnic or cultural discrimination. We are facing the risk to categorise muslim victims of terrorism as second class victims. If we forget that Syrians and Iraqi have been suffering at the hands of ISIS just like the victims in Paris, we will succumb to the rhetoric claiming that all refugees are a threat. We will once again close our borders to those who, just like the Parisians two days ago, have been living in fear.

We will turn our back to other innocents who, just like us, are fighting their own battle against terrorism.

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