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Facebook ban puppy mills and backyard breeding!

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Facebook needs to create a policy to help crack down on backyard breeders and puppy mills using it's site to advertise and sell pets from these situations. 

I hope to create enough awareness that Facebook will create a policy against people who use Facebook to profit off of animals.

I have noticed a rapid increase of back yard breeders and horrible puppy mills advertising their puppies through community buy/sell/trade pages or setting up business fan pages.

Why is this an issue? Because back yard breeders and puppy mills don't actually care about the pets. They only breed their pets (over and over and over) to they can sell their puppies for profit. These individuals do not care for their dogs or cats at all. They are just little money machines. Which means that they do not receive the proper vet care that an animal deserves. They are often left in cages with little to no human interaction.

Once a breeder is done with an animal (ie it can no longer breed puppies) they abandon it or kill it. And if a puppy is born with any type of medical issue - it's killed.

While there is nothing wrong with people who use the B/S/T pages to rehome a beloved pet for a small rehoming fee, I'm begging Facebook to take a stand and make pet sales on your site illegal. Craigslist has done this, and sure backyard breeders, puppy mills and flippers (people who acquire a pet, only to turn around and try and sell it for more money) slip in, however Craigslist has created a way to flag and report these posts so that they are removed.

Facebook has no category to report such a heinous act and I am asking they create one. States all over the country are making it illegal for pet stores to sell any pets that aren't from animal shelters. I'm begging you to help the pet lovers of the world combat those who simply see pets as dollar signs! Help to crack down on the sale of pets from puppy mills and backyard breeding situations.

Many puppy mills or backyard breeders set themselves up in areas where there is little or no animal welfare laws so it is impossible to get them shut down on a local level. 

Please Facebook, one of the ways we can stop backyard breeders and puppy mills is to make it harder for them to profit off of the animals. Please create a reporting category so that pet lovers can report people who only seek to profit off of their animals offspring.  


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