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End unsolicited dick pics on Facebook

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I run the Instagram account @ByeFelipe where women send examples of bad behavior they experience online, specifically when men turn hostile after being rejected. Some of the stuff they send is funny, some of it’s kinda scary. And a surprising amount of submissions I receive are pictures women have been sent, without warning, of people’s penises.

I’ll probably never know why the guys who send these photos think it’s a good idea. But I do know one place where this happens a surprising amount: Facebook. Because it turns out that, under Facebook’s current Community Guidelines, there’s no rule against Facebook users sending pictures of their penis to people who didn’t ask to see it.

On behalf of everyone who has submitted screenshots of these unrequited messages to @ByeFelipe (and everyone else who’s gotten that kind of unwanted surprise in the Facebook Messenger inbox), I’m asking for Facebook to update their Community Guidelines to make sending these messages against the rules. These photos aren't harmless, they are harassment.

This really doesn’t seem complicated. Please help me tell Facebook to make sending unsolicited dick pics against their Community Guidelines.

There are a lot of states where sending unsolicited dick pics is against the law, but on Facebook it’s not even grounds for a warning. Even if you block the sender, this just allows them to continue harassing others without consequence.

And, look. I’m not against showing your business to people who have said they want to see it. If you get the green light, send as many dick pics as your heart desires. I’m just saying, you can’t walk up to a stranger and show them your junk in the real world, because that's harassment. Sign this petition to say you shouldn’t be able to do it on Facebook, either.

Sign my petition. Tell Facebook to make it against their rules to send unsolicited dick pics.

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