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Do These Facebook Pages Contain Hate Speech Toward Persons with Obesity?

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Individuals affected by obesity often find themselves the target of weight bias and discrimination. The Facebook pages that we are asking Facebook leadership to evaluate greatly perpetuate the negative weight bias and stigma associated with the disease of obesity. Weight bias can have psychological, social and physical health consequences on those affected by the disease of obesity. Psychological outcomes can include depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, poor body image and much more. The social effects can be social rejection by peers, poor quality of interpersonal relationships and more. The physical health outcomes can include binge-eating and unhealthy weight-control practices.

Through this petition, we hope to encourage Facebook to take a close look at its pages, such as “Helping the Community by Chasing Fat Kids in Your Car to Fight Obesity,” “Kidnapping Fat People with Forklifts” and others to further evaluate if these pages are violating their abuse policy and guidelines regarding hate speech of a disease.

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