Demand that Facebook and Instagram allow ALL DJs to broadcast live. #ReleaseTheDJs

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I need your support to demand that Facebook and Instagram allow ALL DJs to perform live without interruption or fear of retribution. During this time of the COVID-19 crisis, thousands of DJs are out of work and are trying to donate their time and skills to entertain Americans that are at home due to “shelter in place” and “self-quarantine” orders. But, the vast majority of DJs have their FB/IG live feeds cut off (interrupted) and are threatened with suspension or are outright banned.


FB/IG claim that DJs are cut off because they do not have the rights to the music that they are playing, although there is no way for a DJ to obtain such a license. What FB/IG don’t want you to know is that they could legally allow these DJs to perform online if they would establish their platforms as either (a) broadcast outlets or (b) music venues. All FB/IG have to do is pay music licensing fees that amount to a small percentage of their annual revenue, just like your local club or radio station. DJs are not able to do so individually.


At the same time, FB/IG are allowing select DJs to perform live with no interruptions, including some that have been personally endorsed by Mark Zuckerberg and other corporations that are being allowed to feature DJs on their FB/IG handles – and they do this while paying no music licensing fees at all. It is not the responsibility of those DJs. It is the responsibility of FB/IG.


If FB/IG would pay these fees, ALL DJs could perform live, Americans would be given a momentary escape from our current crisis, and the musical artists would be justly compensated for their copyrighted music. Please join me in taking a stand today!



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