Copyright and scam charges on Colour Rangavedika. #CATCHCOLOURSRANGAVEDIKAPADMANABHAN

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A Facebook  page called as Colours Rangavedika created and circulated with the name of Padmanabhan is a imposter.  This page has taken pictures of multiple performances and using it without permission

Colors Rangavedike Padmanabha


Page link :-

Phone Number :- 9008708601


He is such a fraud person.
He targets the artists by inviting them to give a performance. He also asks you to pay the lifetime
membership amount of ₹5000. Once you have done the he will disappear by changing his mobile number and he will block you from all social networks.

He also makes you believe by saying that you would be given a performance and will be paid a big amount for it, he makes u believe in them and pay the membership amount but, there that’s it there is no response after that.. He lies to the extent that he will send the confirmation letter of performance within 2 days and so on. and later he just switches his phone off and blocks you on Facebook too.we request all the artists in and around our country to be careful with this fraud person.

We demand facebook to Please prosecute him and revel his identity  for profile

We demand Airtel India to reveal  us his addresses associated with the number  9008708601

Name of the Facebook account:
Colors Rangavedike Padmanabha