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Petitioning Facebook Facebooks Policy on Grapic Images

Change YOUR policy on what you consider graphic images!


Facebook currently allows hunters and trappers to post the animals they have killed and trapped but DO NOT allow animal rights groups to post picture of animals who were tortured in order to gain support to treat that animal!
They allow pages that support hunting, trapping, and animal abuse to post very graphic photos of suffering animals as well!
We are asking them to either ban graphic hunting photos or allow animal rights groups to post photos that further their cause!

This petition was started because I heard reports that a group who had started a fund for a dog who was tortured and burned by children had one of their images removed from their site because it was deemed graphic in nature.

As I did some more searching, many hunting and trapper support groups often post picture of LIVING animals that were shot and still suffering. They often post pictures of animals who are being field dressed.

The photo used for this petition was pulled directly from a hunting page called Kill the Wolves. 

How is it fair they hunters and trappers can post pictures of animal torture but animals rights groups cannot post pictures of the same thing to further their cause?

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    Facebooks Policy on Grapic Images

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