Change your Algorithm for Non-Profit Pages!

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Change your Algorithm for Non-Profit Pages!

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Started by Erin Jenkins

**PLEASE write to your local news or flood the inboxes of "The Today Show", "Good Morning America", "CBS This Morning" or the "Ellen Degeneres Show". We need media attention!!

**As of this week, nonprofit pages have been losing followers by the HUNDREDS! It is more important than ever that you not only sign and share, but write to the media, get them to put pressure on FB! 

I volunteer with an animal rescue. We RELY on Facebook traffic for fosters, adopters, volunteers, donations, etc. A few years ago, having a FB page allowed us to gain a huge following and it was easy to attract adopters, fosters, donors, etc. About a two years ago, the algorithm was changed and we had to constantly remind people to re-like our page. Just recently, FB stated that there will be a massive decline in organic reach, so that means pages are pretty much kaput and followers will more or less have to seek out a page if they want to see updates from it. Social media has changed the way animal rescues operate (as well as all other non-profits from disease fighting foundations or conservation causes) for the BETTER. Facebook is used as a bulletin board by non-profits. We are not selling products, but rather, exchanging vital information. I became involved in the non-profit sector (specifically animal rescue) BECAUSE of Facebook. 

But now, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get the word out about dogs and cats in need. The harder it is for nonprofit pages to be seen, the less we are able to help animals (and people) in need and as one of our main platforms is slowly disappearing, it makes it almost impossible.

My rescue (and all other non-profit rescue groups) are not making money off of our FB page. We are trying to save animals; therefore, paying FB for followers would only deflate our shoestring budgets. Any money that we do get goes directly into rescue funds for veterinarian costs, animal behavior/training, etc. We aren't in this to make money, we are here to rescue animals. Some pages that are on FB are for-profit, so it's not surprising that FB wants to charge those companies for use of their "lists" of followers. Since profit and non profit pages are both using FB for different means, there needs to be a line drawn between the two types of pages. FB currently uses an algorithm or "robots" to flag any nude, violent, or copyrighted images. I believe this same technology could be applied to determine if a page is for profit or nonprofit. 

I am petitioning that FB change its algorithm for all nonprofits (just as Twitter and Google have already done) and allow pages to show up on ALL users' feeds who opt in, like they used to years ago, with NO strings attached. PLEASE SIGN if you AGREE!


NOTE: I'm speaking from my experience in a nonprofit animal rescue. If you work for any other type of nonprofit, we'd love to hear from you and why FB is essential to your cause! 


PS. The handsome fellow in this photo is Juno and he's up for adoption! Go to for more information! :) 




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This petition had 13,894 supporters

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