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Facebook: Change the way your reporting system punishes people, without human review!

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For a long time now, people on Facebook's social media platform have spoken out about the company's skewed censorship/reporting/removal process: how hate speech and death/rape threats are regularly reported and returned as "not violating Community Standards" while breastfeeding mothers, art photos, and other non-offensive content is often removed without warning, leading to Facebook bans and often the loss of a person's entire account.

For a lot of people, their entire lives are now on or through Facebook: their kids' photos, their support groups, their significant moments, their wedding albums, etc., and when someone loses an account due to "objectionable content" - which usually means that someone who disagreed with them in an argument or who opposed their viewpoints or simply does it out of spite/hate/"trolling" has repeatedly reported normal content and Facebook's algorithms have flagged the chosen posts as "violations" - there is literally no way for a person to defend themselves or have the content manually reviewed before being punished for whatever "transgression" the reporter has decided they're guilty of.

This setup is a real injustice to people who are regularly targeted by hate groups or bored trolls - LGBTQIA+ people in general have had their accounts removed after being mass-reported in literal coordinated attacks - and people who have done no actual wrong in posting content that, by the company's own definition, does NOT violate Facebook's "Community Standards". Women are punished for re-posting threats they've received, to shed light on rape culture and domestic violence, while the actual offenders "don't violate standards". This, and other similar response to unobjectionable content,  is unacceptable.

There is no way to call for a review, no Customer Service to contact, no e-mail or chat volunteers/employees to whom you can take your case, and the automated system that IS there does not allow for any one-on-one actual interaction, only an endless round-and-round of stock replies and shutdowns that leave people unable to respond to accusations/reports/bans... and given that Facebook would not be reaping billions in advertising revenue if not for the people that actually make up its platform, we believe that it's time the people in charge made a significant change to their reviewing process.

We're asking that Facebook implement an opportunity for people who have had posts reported or removed, or who have been banned for "objectionable content", to request a manual review of their alleged infractions before being summarily penalized for something that may not even be true. For Facebook to stop allowing the use of their reporting system as a weapon for hatred or retaliation - mad at your ex? Get her banned from Facebook by having all your friends report her recipe post as pornography! Think LGBTQIA folks are perverts? Mass-report their pages until they lose the only safe place they have to express themselves! What could be wrong with that! - because by the very nature of the system, ALL Facebook "violations" are one-sided.

Stop using default automated messages to tell people their pictures of puppies are spam, and allow a method by which someone has the chance to say "Oh wait, we were in error, we apologize". Stop allowing hate and trolling to lurk at the expense of THE PEOPLE FROM WHOM YOU HAVE MADE YOUR BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Revamp the system to allow what literally every other company, service, and (ideally) our justice system allow: a chance to respond to accusations/violations instead of being caught in an endless feedback loop and shut out with zero options. You talk boldly about equality, rights, and fellowship, Facebook, now put your money where your mouth is.

You might find that many, many, MANY people feel this way. If you truly care about us as anything other than a commodity, work with us on honesty and change!


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