Change the rules of reporting Instagram & Facebook accounts who harass women via messages.

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Every woman has had her fair share of lewd comments on pictures, unwanted dick pics and threatening messages in the 'others' folder. Gentlemen of India  is an Instagram page that focuses on naming and shaming the men who harass women on various social media portals and encourages people to report the accounts.

We have been flooded with messages from all over and have been overwhelmed by the sheer number of harassers out there. From rape threats to fake accounts using underage girls' images, we've seen it all.  

A few accounts have been taken down after many followers have reported them. However, most accounts do not violate Instagram and Facebook's community guidelines if these are sent via private/direct messages and the profile isn't questionable. While you can report a message on instagram, all it does is remove the message and not the profile.

Through this petition, we'd like for Facebook and Instagram to change their guidelines regarding reporting so that it provides a safer internet community for women. One such way it can change the rules is by including an option of uploading screenshots of private messages as evidence.