Change the reporting policy to prevent harassment and bullying.

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Change the reporting policy to prevent harassment and bullying.

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Taylor Law started this petition to CEO and Director, Facebook Mark Zuckerburg (CEO and Director, Facebook) and

Facebook Jail is the suspension or banning of a Facebook user based upon a breach of their terms and conditions. But it seems that they are extremely one sided on what exactly constitutes a breach. Numerous people are being targeted and bullied by Facebook "trolls" and Facebook is punishing the victims of the attack. These people are having innocent posts, pictures and/or links reported as porn or noncompliance with the rules and regulations Facebook has in place for their Community Standards. The same people are being targeted repeatedly, until they are suspended and ultimately banned from the social media network. Many of these victims use the platform as means of advertising and connecting with their clients and/or fans. This is part of their job and their living, which is being severely hindered by users out to malign and cause damage for their own cause, whatever that may be. Perhaps because of a misinformed morality which pushes them to force their belief systems on others, or just for cruelty sake, no one knows. 

More than likely, one of the victim's so-called "friends" is doing the reporting and there is no way for the victim to discover who this person is in order to unfriend them and stop the harassment, nor is there any recourse for them. If they attempt to contact Facebook about the issue, they are ignored and sometimes even banned. They are simply helpless and at the mercy of a severely flawed system.  

Make no mistake, this is harassment, bullying, bigotry, homophobia and prejudice. Facebook's same rules and regulations do nothing about the fact that there are countless pictures of female nudity on Facebook, which are more porn than artistry. Yet many photographs of males, even if artistic in nature and something that would be permitted on cable television, are being reported by unknown suspects. The victims include Artists, Authors, Gay couples, breast feeding mothers and I am sure countless of others. The situation is ridiculous and needs to be stopped.  

Facebook has a block option, which can be utilized at any time if the content of someone's page is unsatisfactory or offensive. It's just as simple a process as reporting them, except then the heinous material will never darken the offended party's page again. That doesn't seem to be enough for these people. 


I propose that Facebook make the following changes to the reporting policy: 

1) If someone reports a picture, a link, and/or any material of another Facebook user, at any time, they will be automatically blocked from said user, and said user will be automatically blocked from them. If one does not enjoy posts from a source, and is in fact offended by them, they should have no issues whatsoever with never viewing posts from that party again. This would prevent continuing, poisonous "Friendships" from existing. 

2) If someone reports over five posts a week, they are subject to suspension from the site, and if it continues, banishment. This will prevent people from traversing the social media platform specifically in order to cause damage or distress to another party. 

3) If a photo is reported and its contents are such that it can be shown on television in the United States of America, it contains no showing of frontal genitalia, and does not break any laws in the U.S., then it should be automatically released, reposted, and the damaged party should not suffer any consequences. 

4) Any guidelines shall be posted publically and strictly adhered to across the board, and not be differentiated by author or subject. Facebook will make the appeals process easier, more accessible to users, and they will direct more resources toward same, so that any fraudulent claims can be effectually handled immediately.  

4) Post reporting should never be simply having a user click on an "X." Who knows how many users have mistaken that "X" as a close-page symbol and accidentally reported a friend without their knowledge. All reporting should have to follow the same standards of complexity, including having the user give a reason why the post is being reported.  


Whether these specific changes are utilized or not, something must be done to stop the bullying and harassment of the Facebook users as soon as possible. In my opinion, it is in the best interest of Facebook and it's users to implement the above-mentioned changes, but whatever is done, this issue must be acknowledged by Facebook and corrected as soon as possible.  


Thank you. 


Disclosure: I am not an attorney, nor do I pretend to be one. I am not knowledgeable in all facets of corporate law or laws of the United States governing the above subject. Anything said above is my opinion and should be taken as such. 


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