Change Facebook's Sexist Rules Against Women

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Change Facebook's Sexist Rules Against Women

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Started by sonya taylor

Recently, The Body Is Not An Apology, an international movement focused on radical self-love and body empowerment, account was SUSPENDED from Facebook after posting a photo of an empowered female body and tribal women in Senegal with their breasts visible. We believe this sort of cultural and gender discrimination is absolutely asking women to apologize for their bodies and is unacceptable. We want a stop to the sexist hypocrisy of suspending accounts and deleting non-sexual images posted by women! The Body Is Not An Apology has over 11, 300 friends in over 25 countries who share images, articles and affirmations focused on celebrating our bodies and truly embracing self-love. As a community we are outraged by the sexism and hypocrisy of Facebook’s policies! Every day Facebook allows:

*hyper-sexualized images of women (

*an app that encourages rape culture (,

*Pages that encourage racism (

all while censoring images of:

*Women who have beat breast cancer (

*Women with children born with birth defects (

*Women who breastfeed (

as well as women from other cultures, women empowered in their bodies etc etc. We believe Facebook is SHAMING WOMEN and WE CAN STOP THEM! Please sign and share this petition WIDELY! Let's show Facebook that we will not accept their hypocrisy, sexism or body shaming anymore. They must change their policies toward women's images! Join us in challenging sexism and body shaming at Facebook! Let’s show them women’s bodies and lives ARE NOT AN APOLOGY!


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This petition had 2,253 supporters

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