Change Facebook's rule against posting animals for adoption, sale, or to be rehomed.

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Facebook says that the rehoming of animals violates "Community Standards".  This includes sales, adoptions, or rehoming the animal in any way and includes all animals, from dogs and cats to birds, fish, snakes, and lizards to exotics and even livestock and farm animals. The intent is to prevent the exploitation of defenseless and innocent animals. This rule actually causes harm to the animals. 

The purpose of changing this rule is to help these animals find the best and most loving homes and to promote the best and most ethical and responsible breeders and sellers, and to help expose any animal cruelty to the public.

Facebook also prohibits a variety of posts, hate speech, the sales of sex, guns, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, which are legally regulated and controlled. However, animals are not regulated and should be allowed to be rehomed through Facebook just like any other private sales which are allowed in yardsale groups and other pages. Facebook is increasingly becoming way too restrictive and this crosses the line. 

The majority of society sees Facebook as a useful platform for responsibly networking to ensure the proper care and distribution of pets and livestock. Facebook, although not entirely reliable, gives buyers and others a glimpse into the sellers lives and the care and quality of the animals they are offering. This promotes responsible pet and animal ownership. If a lack of responsibility is discovered, prospective buyers can be thankful that Facebook assisted them in making a wise informed decision to not support an unethical animal owner.

Furthermore, Facebook can then be used to expose bad owners to either correct their behaviors or to inform and warn other potential buyers, and in certain cases, Facebook can also be used to report violations of law to the proper authorities for investigations and charges. 

Likewise, Facebook should allow breeders and sellers or rescues the chance to research buyers to help ensure their animals will go to loving homes and are cared for after being rehomed. In this way, Facebook could be a very useful tool for everyone involved in the exchange of animals to be ethical and responsible. 

Without Facebook's assistance, unethical animal owners and scammers have an advantage to exploit animals without the threat of exposure under the cloud of anonymity, and ethical owners will struggle to find good homes for their beloved pets and livestock. Facebook's current rule against posting available animals actually causes the animals to suffer. 

While no one wants any animals to be harmed or exploited, we can all agree that it's not Facebook's role to police the animal community. If anyone is found to be mistreating animals, it's the role of law enforcement to investigate and press charges against those individuals. By allowing sales and adoptions, Facebook can actually help expose and prosecute anyone violating animal protection laws. 

To assist rescues, buyers, sellers, breeders, and ultimately the beloved animals of all kinds, please sign this petition asking Facebook to recognize it needs to change it's Community Standards to reflect and represent what the community really needs and wants, which is Facebook's assistance in the protection of these animals by allowing their availability to be posted on it's social media platform so they can find the very best homes from the very best providers. Thank you