Change FaceBook's Algorithms to Stop Groups Being Shut Down

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Groups on Facebook, originally made to help and inform people, are being shut down left and right.

I moderate a group called "Shrimp Keeper," and we have very clear rules that we do not sell animals, promote/talk about guns or drugs, we do not promote links to people that do sell animals, we do not promote the idea of taking and videoing the shrimp/fish out of water, etc. Yet today, I woke up to our group being shut down and we are not completely sure why.

Facebook has been shutting down similar groups - groups that all have similar rules to our own, groups of large numbers (50,000 members, 75,000 members, etc) that shouldn't be shut down from the likely cause of a single person, perhaps even one scam bot. Instead of punishing the whole group by shutting it down and taking away the ability for a member to get online and seek help about their pet shrimp, bird, or something completely different, Facebook should be instead punishing the person who CAUSED the group's shutdown. 

I am starting this petition in hopes that Facebook will change its algorithm somehow. Whether it be something like banning the person and not the group, giving the group a notice that they are being reviewed to be shut down and give an option to change, not using trigger words out of context (for example, "pistol" is likely a trigger word, but how would people be able to talk about "pistol shrimp" - yes, a real type of shrimp!). I want to keep the ability for people to access a very helpful and informative group on their phones and computers, which better helps spread knowledge throughout the world and makes it a better place, by helping improve care for pets, plants, etc.

If we do not fix this issue, Facebook will lose a large audience of people as they move away from the platform towards something more laissez-faire. Until that platform is made and found, it will be more difficult for people to share their experience and knowledge with others, which can make whatever activity, hobby, or interest they pursue more difficult and even less interesting.