Cancel FreshandFit Podcast!

Cancel FreshandFit Podcast!

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Started by FCO THB

The FreshandFit Podcast, hosted by Walter Weekes, known as @freshprinceceo on Instagram and Myron Gaines, known as @unplugfit created a platform that's geared to a majority male audience and used to discuss topics from a man's perspective that offers advice and motivation to help and benefit other men in various aspects of their lives from relationships to finances and more!

Great deal, right?  Wrong!  These 2 men recently received backlash for comments made on an episode when discussing dating "preferences" 

Here's how the hosts respond when asked about a dating app called Black:

"Me and Fresh ain't down with the brown.....we ain't night riders" while making fun of women with names like "Shaniqua and Laquisha" insinuating that dating black women with names of the sort is a bad thing. 

Myron disgustingly continues with, "Sometimes if they're red bones,....but other than that, me and Fresh don't dabble in the dark."

Say what!? This is tasteless and in no form or fashion is the meaning of "preference." 

People prefer hotdogs over hamburgers.  People prefer to date others with a certain amount of money or education and whether some may like it or not, it is an actual preference. 

But those comments....

Those remarks were a disrespect to the black race and most certainly a form of colorism and these two shouldn't be allowed to have a platform any longer, especially since it's centered around black culture with a black audience and the very black women these 2 boys seem to hate.

 In fact, celebrity influencer Asian Doll came on as the featured guest (a dark-skin, black woman) and quickly vocalized her thoughts for one of the hosts, calling him "mean and rude."

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time these two men have been in the hot fire for inappropriate, comments and this is NOT okay!  

With all that's going on in the world and the fact that black people are still being silenced and oppressed, we don't need people like this to continue to divide and spew hatred toward a group of people just for being black.

It's time to employ real change. Please help us do that.  Please help us make change.

54 have signed. Let’s get to 100!