[Beat Saber Quest] - Give us Back our Custom Songs (BeatOn)

[Beat Saber Quest] - Give us Back our Custom Songs (BeatOn)

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BeatOn is a "mod" that allows us (Quest Beat Saber Players) to download and play customs songs on the Oculus Quest version of Beat Saber. It is a big part of the virtual reality world; a lot of people bought the Oculus Quest to play custom songs. Without BeatOn, the Oculus Quest popularity wouln't be the same. But the October 4th 2019, the BeatOn support ended because it would be considered as an illicit mod...

This being said, I will now give you my arguments:


1 - First, let's talk about what is an illicit mod. For me, an illicit mod is/contain:

  • Pornography
  • Excessively violent
  • Hate speech
  • Promotion of violence
  • Bullying/Harassment
  • Created by terrorists, organized hate groups...
  • Intent to glorify/praise/support terrorists, organized hate groups...
  • Promotes suicide or self harm
  • Spams, defrauds, or misleads
  • Real money gambling
  • Facilitates the real world sale of regulated goods
  • Directed to users under the age of 13

Those are also the conditions given by Oculus. Can I know how the f**k could you think that import custom Beat Saber songs is related to any of those things? BeatOn brought the Beat Saber community together. No, BeatOn CREATED the Quest Beat Saber community and now, you want to delete it? What's wrong with you?


2 - What about this: https://twitter.com/beatsaber/status/1133620436955279360 ?

On May 29th 2019, this post about releasing a new official support for custom songs for Quest was released on the Beat Saber's official Twitter. Before complaining about this, I want to say that this decision wasn't prompted by Beat Games. Sure it wasn't prompted by them, but we can't say they are thankful to BeatOn, who greatly helped them to grown; no message to defend them, not even a simple word. And yet, the solution was so easy: something designed to modify a store application without the express permission of the developers is considered an illicit mod so all they had to do was saying "It's ok, we allow BeatOn to exist!", but they didn't made it. Why? This bring is to my third argument;


3 - Is it a question of money?

Recently, there are many DLCs that were released on Beat Saber, allowing players to play new songs, "yeah!"... For 2,29$CA... Where to start... The game cost 35$CA, it's already not given, but in addition, we must should pay again for every new songs we want to play? You don't get pissed off! 35$ by users wasn't enough, you need to make us pay even more? Do you really need money at the point of ending support for BeatOn (who, I remember you, helped you to make your game grow)? Maybe it's just a hazard if you let BeatOn down just after the new music pack is released, but it's still suspect...


4 - What about Oculus Link

For those who don't know what it is, the Oculus Link will allow people to play Rift games on their Quest *hum* using a computer *hum*. I will not dwell on the subject, it is suspect that Oculus changes their TOS (terms of service) before they release the Oculus Link. Maybe it's only a hazard, again, but dropping support for BeatOn could force us to use the Oculus Link instead of SideQuest. As BeatOn is the main reason why people download SideQuest, ending support for it will cause people to stop downloading SideQuest and use Oculus Link instead. Also, as the Oculus Link and SideQuest both use a computer, the chances that they won't be compatibles are high. This may seem excessive, but there are too many coincidences to believe it's only hasard.


Both Oculus and Beat Games don't give more details about this story, and it may cause the end of the Beat Saber Quest Community, we can't stay there and do nothing!


What can YOU do?

You can Sign and Share this petition. If those companies remained silent, it could be because they hesitate about something. Sign and Share, it cost nothing but it could save the Quest Beat Saber Community!


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