Ban " Tag a friend" MEMES with real people in them

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“Tag a Friend” Memes Needs To Be Stopped

We all have been seeing this ' tag your friends’, ‘tell them I am looking for them’ memes popping up in our feed a couple of times daily. I groan at the amount of them clogging my news feed and ‘I DON’T FIND THEM FUNNY’. People in these photos are real people with real feelings which we are so casually ignoring for so long. Some sad person found their photos online and thought, ‘ hey!these are meme worthy’, let’s use them and posted them online for some fun, likes, and traffic. They exploited someone's struggles for a post, we cast our wisdom aside and aggressively started tagging our friends. Is this generation really that heartless and desperate for a like?
Let me ask you a simple question. You found those memes hilarious but do you really think that the world revolves around you? Are you the only one with feelings and emotions? How did we forget that these are real people with real lives, they have social media account too and was it a crime for them to post their own pictures on their own account which we used for our own fun. Aren’t we being too cruel on them? Is it ok to use humans for entertainment? I mean seriously what is funny in those memes? Why is it funny at all? Just because he or she doesn’t conform to your idea of beauty, you know nothing about their struggles and you feel you have earned the right to mock them? Let me remind you if you have forgotten, it is never harmless fun to laugh at someone.

Nothing about those memes is funny or cute, they are real people you all have been making fun of. A few days back I saw a young girl getting married to an old man and the whole video went viral for fun. Have we become a generation of insensitive people where instead of condemning these practice and forgetting that they are really happening in some parts of the world we are instead mocking them having fun at their expense.
If it affected me so bad seeing them being the laughing stock how worse it would have been for them, I can’t even imagine.
You think that isn’t it some harmless fun activity? Then why so much debate on this. But you are forgetting that your seemingly harmless activity is affecting someone and it shows nothing but our lack of respect and maturity. You don’t realize but it is nothing but cyber bullying you all are falling prey of. You don’t realize but you are turning yourself into a bully by mocking someone, I think we all know cyber bullying is a bad thing but I cringe seeing grown ups being a part of it.

Next time think before posting them that what if I knew and loved this person would I still post this and tag my friends? Slow down and think. A little consideration can make all the difference.
Making fun of someone is not ok. Humiliating someone is not fun. 
Please do think before posting next time because you never know who you might be hurting.

To all those who spared no thought when you tagged someone in those posts, I am not judging you but kindly understand the gravity of it and prevent it going further. We are in the age where self-love needs to be promoted not hate. 
We deserve more kindness and we should act with more kindness. Let’s uplift others, inspire others, give them love and kindness because that is more worthwhile than few seconds of your fun. Don’t let superficiality win over kindness.
Have a heart guys, use your voice to spread love not hate.

I find it sickening that Facebook would refuse to remove these pages. Please sign my petition now to tell Facebook to immediately remove this hate speech from these pages.

Please everybody sign this petition for the sake of those who are being the victim of it and are getting bullied by these insensitive  FB pages. It's my kind request to each one of you.