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Ban Soflo From Social Media

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Antonio Lievano is a thief who steals other peoples content and (Rarely) gives credit to the original author. We need to remove this guy and all his branding from Social Media, he is taking advantage of his following for his own benefit.
It’s estimated that "SoFlo" (Antonio Lievano) earns approximately $30,000 – $120,000 a month from posting on social media. Here are some videos explaining who he is and what he does.

Lewis Spears :
H3H3 Productions :

Not only does he fake his prank videos (he uses hired actors, friends or payed  ‘strangers’ to pull of his "pranks". The majority of his uploads are stolen from other YouTubers.

Antonio Lievano (Soflo) is profiting off of other people’s work. He’s monetizing and claiming advert revenue for content that he did not create.
People are so unaware of this that they keep clicking his videos, liking his pages because of his so called already "Huge unaware fanbase"
This has to be stopped its an insult to "ORIGINAL" content creators who put in the hard work.
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