Facebook and Instagram provide an animal abuse reporting option

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Both Facebook and Instagram (both owned by Facebook) have options for reporting posts that violate their community standards by displaying extreme violence, hate speech, promoting illegal activities, spam, fake news etc but neither site has the option to report a post for animal abuse/cruelty. The photograph above is a great example of how popular "cute" animal posts can be even though what they are showing is illegal and of an endangered primate. 

We see a surprising number of posts on both Facebook and Instagram that promote the illegal pet trade in endangered species, depict animals in stressful situations, show animals being beaten or forced to do tricks and show animals being kept in inappropriate conditions. Many of these photographs and videos are posted under the guise of a "cute animal" doing something amusing. Some of the abuse is clear to see to everyone but other videos, particularly those promoting the illegal trade in wildlife, is a lot more subtle.

We the undersigned would like to see these issues addressed in the community standards for both platforms and an option to report posts for animal cruelty/abuse with the additional option to describe why the situation is inappropriate.