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Allow poly people to list who they love

Facebook currently allows people to name one person they're in a relationship with despite the growing numbers of polyamorous and non-monogamous members. Some people identify as loving more than one person or as being "many loving."  We appreciate and thank Facebook for their recent change in allowing all people to put their own gender identities. We ask that they have the same respect for people of all relationship types. They deserve the basic right to be honest about who they care about. Please sign this petition to allow those in open relationships to name their partners truthfully as everybody else does.

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Hi, I’m writing you today to ask you to help out a cause that is very dear to me. It is a bit untraditional, but I ask you to take a moment and hear me out.

Over the past few decades we have been privileged to see the LGBTQ community come from nothing to 2014, where we now have the option of posting correct sexual orientations and gender identities on our facebook profiles. We thank you for this improvement. The reason that this movement has been so successful is because our allies such as family members, neighbors, coworkers, and friends have come to realize that we all deserve equality in expressing who we are and how we love inside.

We have learned that love is love. It's simple but it’s true. As long as adults are participating in consensual relationships, who has the right to interfere and say no? Today, we are asking you to expand the parameters of the relationship status portion of Facebook. Specifically, we want Facebook to allow the many Polyamorous and Non-monogamous facebook members to list those they are in relationships with just like Monogamous people can. We wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t have an understanding of polyamory, and that’s okay. Polyamory is when a person dates multiple people at the same time. This is not much different than what a traditional monogamist would do. They may go out to a local cafe or see a movie together. They may also live together, form a family, and go on trips. The only difference is that polyamorous people are open to being with more than one person. Now you may say, "Well isn’t that just being promiscuous or cheating?" That’s a great question. Some parents love more than one child and have an agreement of how to get each child to school, play with them, and take good care of them. Nobody would ever question if being a parent for multiple children is possible.

When someone cheats in a monogamous relationship it is not consensual. The person cheating breaks an agreement and may also be secretive. This often leads their partner to feelings of betrayal. In polyamory the people involved have agreed-upon relationships which are consensual, meaning that we know that our partner(s) are dating other people and they know that we are. There is a lot of honest communication and we don’t feel betrayed when we hear that our partner was out with someone else. In fact, we have a word in our community and that word is compersion. Compersion is loosely defined as being happy for your partner when they receive joy and happiness from another relationship. This might sound weird but have you ever been happy for a significant other just knowing that hanging out with a dear friend made them happy?

We aren’t asking for marriage and laws to be changed. We simply want the option to let the world know who we’re dating because we love them and we want to share that love with our family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and others. We would like the right to be honest about who we love. Thank you for your consideration of our petition and we look forward to using an even better version of Facebook very soon.

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