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Allow licensed amateur (ham) radio operators to use their call sign as their Alternate Name or "nickname" on their Facebook profile.

1. By long-standing tradition, since the early 1900s, amateur (ham) radio operators always refer to each other by first, or given, name and call sign.

2. Allowing amateur radio operators to use their officially licensed call sign as their Alternate Name or "nickname" on their Facebook profile will greatly assist in networking with other amateur radio operators. In doing so, more amateur radio operators who may be able to help provide communications infrastructure during a critical incident, such as a natural disaster, could more easily locate each other, train with and assist local public safety agencies, before an incident happens.

3. An amateur radio call sign is unique to the license holder any place in the World. Amateur radio is regulated by the International Telecommunications Union, which coordinates all aspects of telecommunications with the appropriate government agencies of each country.

4. In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission regulates telecommunications and, therefore, a license issued by the FCC should carry the same weight as any other federal or state license issued. Moreover, every state in the United States issues amateur radio call sign vehicle license plates to licensed amateur radio operators in a separate license plate category.

5. Amateur radio operators are always willing assist people in need, especially along the roadside.

6. Numerous amateur radio operators on Facebook have reported that they have made the same request through proper procedures without resolution.

7. Many thousands of amateur radio operators worldwide are on Facebook, as well as numerous amateur radio groups. It would be in the best interests of Facebook and its shareholders to be publically supportive of this vast educational and public service oriented community.

For more information about amateur radio, please go to and watch the condensed video.

Here is the Facebook Help Community page that is the reason for this petition: Please go there and post your opinion.

PLEASE....only reasonable and polite commentary will be useful. HUGE THANKS!!

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