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Facebook: Add the country "Kosovo" on Facebook. The country exists since 2008

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It is important to the people of Kosovo to be recognized by the world and the enormous community of Facebook.

Unfornately, Facebook is very late in recognising our new country.

There is a renaissance going on in Kosovo nowadays and it would be fuelled even more if Facebook would co-operate with us 

Kosovo has been independent since February 2008, supported by international courts, and is now recognised by more than 100 countries worldwide, including the USA, France, Japan, Italy, Germany.

Most websites across the world have by now added Kosovo to their maps and country lists; Google Maps also shows Kosovo as an independent entity. But Facebook still lists the country as part of Serbia. Facebook users posting from the capital for example are identified as being from 'Pristina, Serbia'.


It's just a small effort for Facebook to change this, but an important matter for the many Kosovars using Facebook's services every day. We would be very grateful if this could be changed.


Thank you.

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