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It seems people are confused, to sign the petition, you must first log in with facebook under log-in in the top right corner, or fill out basic information and then click sign. LIKING THE PETITION WILL NOT DO ANYTHING. I can assure you that all information will remain anonymous.

• PEOPLE REALLY WANT IT! Nearly 3.2 MILLION people have liked the dislike button on facebook.

•It'll streamline commiseration. Ostensibly, the point of the "like" button is to let users approve their friends' Facebook activity without having to write an actual comment. But not all Facebook activity is positive. We've all seen status updates like "Drowning in homework," "Stuck at work on a Saturday," and "Did the Vikings really just blow that game??!?!!" Adding a dislike button would allow us to express concern without really getting involved--the virtual equivalent of a sympathetic frown.

•It'll make Facebook aggression even more passive. Y'know that one Facebook friend who compulsively posts links to stupid quizzes and irreverent articles? Sure, you could ignore him, or tell him off in a comment. But "disliking" his missives can be just as effective and requires less time and energy--the virtual equivalent of an eye-roll or telling someone off.

• It's already being done. A handful of third-party developers (including Firefox) are promoting dislike button applications, to varying degrees of success. But given that Facebook has killed other fun, negative apps in the past--especially if they involve unfriending--creating an official version would show that Zuckerberg and Co. are not as uptight as they're made out to be.

• People are ANNOYING! When people update their every move, such as, "I'm at Starbucks" "Now I'm in the Starbucks bathroom" "I'm sitting on the toilet" "I'm wiping".... we need to find an easy, not so mean way to tell these people to shut up.

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