Flight Pattern over Haiku

Flight Pattern over Haiku

January 6, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Carole Harris

This is a petition to stop all flights from flying over our community of Haiku, Maui, Hawaii. Our goal is for the airlines to return to offshore paths used in the past or any other offshore paths for approach and departure. There are three issues at hand: noise pollution, air pollution, and community safety.
On July 24, 2019 a policy was implemented to allow arriving commercial flights from the mainland to fly over Haiku. This is a huge disruption to the Haiku and Hana’s Community’s quality of life. In the past we only had the occasional small plane and helicopter fly over. At present, flights are passing overhead at all hours.
During COVID lockdown, in the spring of 2020, departing cargo flights between Kahului and Hilo started flying over Haiku. It began a couple times a week at various times, e.g., 2am, 6am & 6:30pm. TransAir (Rhoades Aviation) has been the worst offender of noise with varied elevations, their use of old noisy aircraft, and choosing to fly over a sleeping community in late night and early morning hours. This flight path has now increased in use of frequency with Hawaiian Air, Aloha Air Cargo, and Southwest joining as well. 
The public was not informed of this change or given a chance to comment. These changes of route are arbitrary and capricious which has negatively affected many residents’ peace and quiet as well as health and safety. 
Besides the obvious noise issues, these flights pollute our air. Jet fuel is toxic and a known carcinogen. There are many studies that show that people who live near a busy airport or where planes fly low over a community have higher rates of cancer and/or other health issues.
These new flight paths affect our safety on the ground in case of emergency landing. They also degrade our views and will affect our property values.
These new flight paths need to be shut down with all flights returning their arrivals and departures over the ocean. It is unacceptable that our communities way of life is being chipped away for the commercial profits of the few.
Many Mahalos for your support by way of signing this appeal for common sense towards peaceful, healthy, and safe communities.

 E-mail and call the following address:

To file a noise complaint:


9-awp-noise@faa.gov and call the FAA Honolulu Control Facility Plans and Procedures Department(808-840-6100) 

Airport Name: KAHULUI Contact Information: HAWAII STATE AIRPORTS DIV MARVIN MONIZ Noise Complaints 808-872-3808

Teimour Riahi CEO TransAir Home Phone (808) 833-5557

We can make a difference by taking action. Be courteous and complain… They need to hear from you!

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Signatures: 1,479Next Goal: 1,500
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