Extension of time for Displaced Ukrainians to enter Australia and transition to 786 visa

Extension of time for Displaced Ukrainians to enter Australia and transition to 786 visa

9 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Nadia Ivanova

The Australian Government’s decision to stop the pathways for onshore arrivals for humanitarian visas on the 31 July 2022 will affect hundreds of Ukrainian people fleeing the war, throwing their long term plans into chaos and adding more stress to already traumatised people.

The change was only announced on 4th of July. People power helped get a two week extension but it is still an unreasonable and inhumane demand, to expect those who are eligible and in the process of moving, to all get on a plane so quickly.

In Australia there are family members and a big community of Australian Ukrainians and Russians caring about affected Ukrainians and providing all kinds of support, similar to the functions of SSI, and much more. Numerous people of goodwill from all descents and grassroots communities are also providing free accommodation, transportation, first necessity items, assistance with job applications, employment, general advocacy and more.

Ukrainians are educated, resilient and hard working people. Australia needs workers in so many fields and locations! Some families have already settled in Orange, NSW and elsewhere.

The following are only some of the groups affected by this change in policy:

  • Young women with little kids who are now unclear as to how their husbands can no join them in Australia;
  • Elderly parents, family members with disabilities who won’t be able to make the humanitarian visa cutoff date either because of the health problems or difficulties with transportation from the war affected areas of Ukraine;
  • Family members stuck in the Russia occupied territories;
  • People who invested last savings into the plane tickets, only to find out that they will not be able to meet the 14th of July deadline.

The comments below were collected from the Help Displaced Ukrainians Australia Facebook group and are representative of the horrific situations Ukrainian families, who were forced to flee from Russia’s military invasion, have found themselves in because of the announced upcoming expiry of offer for the temporary humanitarian stay in Australia:

  • "My husband has a 600 visa, but being a male, isn’t allowed to leave Ukraine, so I have been here with our little child, currently on visa 449, waiting for visa 786. We were hoping to be reunited as a family, but with this new law, it is unclear what to do now... I am completely lost."
  • "My sister was killed by the Russian air strike missile last week. I was hoping to bring to Australia her husband, her daughter and our mum. Making the 14th of July deadline is impossible. They are still grieving."
  • "My relative followed the government advice. She applied for and was granted the 600 visa and we had planned to take up the humanitarian visa offer once she was onshore (again, in accordance with Government policy and advice). She has a plane ticket, leaving 7th August and arriving 9th. On Monday we were advised that the program was ending with no advice / understanding of what it means for people like my relative who have acted in accordance with policy and have been abruptly cut off."
  • "My sister and her family couldn’t flee Donetsk for a long time. Russian military force Ukrainian men who ended up in the occupied territory to join Russian army and fight on their side. We managed to find a way for them to escape. They are in Latvia atm, applied for 600 visas, but it is unclear now if they can make the 14th of July deadline." 
  • "My family couldn’t leave Kharkov as my grandmother is 94 and it was extremely difficult to arrange the transportation for her during the war. We managed to get them all to Lvov and are in the process of organising the visas for them, but it is unlikely that we’ll finalise it before the 14 Jul 22."
  • "My childhood friend left Mariupol with 3 little kids and her mum. We bought them the tickets for August. Changing the tickets at such a short notice is extremely expensive and we do not know what to do now."
  • "My father lost his passport because of the shelling of our city. He has now submitted the application for the new passport, but he won’t get it before the 14th of Jul."
  • "Our family – my husband, two of our kids and myself were granted 600 visas. I won’t be able to enter Australia before the 14th because my husband got sick and is currently in the hospital. I cannot leave him on his own, we do not have any other family."
  • "My mother, brother’s wife and her 2yo child are here on visa 786. My father and brother are still in Ukraine even though with 600 visas. We are all devastated at the prospect of not being able to bring them over to Australia."
  • "My 13 yo nephew came here already, but my sister with her infant baby was hoping to join him when her husband is allowed to leave the country. Now the teenager will stay here without his parents, in my care."
  • "I am here on a humanitarian visa already. My parents’ house and business in Kharkov were destroyed by Russian bombs. They have no place to live in. I was hoping to bring them here and for them to start working in Australia. This sudden change to the policy is heartbreaking."
  • "My 64 yo mum is in Kherson atm, she was unable to/ it was unsafe for her to leave the area due to the occupation. She now has someone who can help her to travel, but only in Sep, which makes it impossible to arrive here by the humanitarian visa cutoff date."
  • "I had to flee Ukraine with two little kids. We have already received visa 786. My husband is still in Ukraine, the hope was for him to come here (his visa 600 is valid until Mar 2023) once the Ukrainian laws change, but this doesn’t seem to be an option any longer."
  • "My mother has received visa 600, but leaving the city is dangerous at the moment. Her health is deteriorating and we were hoping that once she feels better and the bombardment stops, she’d be able to come to Australia and apply for the humanitarian visa."

In most comments people expressed their hope that Australian government will be able to hear them and assist their families, most of whom lost everything because of the ongoing war and the unfolding humanitarian crisis.

One of the comments stated: "All we want is a chance to live and work as a family for the benefit of Australia and far away from the aggressor."

Please show compassion and support an extension of time for Ukrainian Displaced Persons to enter Australia and transition to the Humanitarian Visa 786.

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Signatures: 14,837Next goal: 15,000
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