Extend Hyderabad Metro till Alwal in Phase Two

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Expectation of Extension till Alwal Shattered
Residents of Alwal were eagerly waiting to hear the news of extension of JBS line till Alwal for a safe and easy mode of transport but felt left alone due to non inclusion of Alwal in Phase Two announcement of Hyderabad Metro Rail Project. It was widely being expected as residents of Alwal form a huge portion of Hyderabad Population who work in IT sector, Manufacturing sector, Service Sector, and in Education sector, thereby helping Telangana develop and prosper. Alwal Residents consist of many tax payers who enable TS Govt in making dream of Bangaru Telangana a reality.

Misplaced Priorities
Instead of choosing for Metro Extension through Karkhana road till Alwal, the Government of Telangana choose building of Elevated Expressway through this section as its priority. While residents of Alwal as well as Cantonment residents are not opposed to it, but preferred Metro over elevated expressway, as it would have had made life of residents easy, safe and prosperous. While on the other hand elevated expressway would be of no use to residents in anyway as they would not be able to get over it on from Alwal or Tirumalagiri, It would do nothing for pedestrians crossing Rajiv Rahadari or residents travelling towards city. It would be useful to few rich Car owners only who wish to escape Hyderabad in minutes. But its not as if residents are opposed to it as can be seen though proposal mentioned below.

Proposal for Double-Decker Viaduct (Metro cum Elevated Highway)
Since HMDA has proposed an elevated expressway for this section under SRDP, residents would request the government to modify it to a double decker viaduct for extension of MGBS - JBS line to Alwal. It would receive a huge public support, unlike in case of elevated expressway where residents didn't support the project, due to which Cantonment Board under MoD didn't  support the project either. But if it is modified to Double-Decker Viaduct (Metro cum Elevated Highway), then there would be a huge public support which even the Government of India would support since it would touch every resident's life. 

Examples of Similar Projects in India
Many cities like Jaipur, Chennai and Kochi have such structures. Nagpur is constructing such project, while Bangaluru is about to begin work on such project. Hence its a realistic expectation, not an outlandish and unrealistic one.

Humble Request
Hence its humble request of residents of Cantonment and Alwal to revisit the said proposals to make Hyderabad a world class city.