Express Scripts Apologize to Patients and Their Trusted Pharmacists

Express Scripts Apologize to Patients and Their Trusted Pharmacists

December 1, 2019
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Started by Loretta Boesing

** Update to the original petition:  This time, Express Scripts didn't send the letters to patients in error. These letters informed patients that their trusted pharmacies were no longer in network. They sent the letters purposefully after offering a network that excluded our trusted pharmacies! Express Scripts will be responsible for the many lives that will be risked as some pharmacies will close due to the greed of Express Scripts. To the commercial businesses that chose Express Scripts EN45 Network, you are also responsible. The contracts are complex and the employers may not know that they just signed into a network that will risk lives and hurt their communities. If you received this letter from your employer, please inform your employer of the many issues with mail-order pharmacy and the increasing numbers of pharmacy deserts. Without safe access to medications, entire communities will be at risk.


We will continue to demand an apology and changed behavior from Express Scripts to patients and their trusted pharmacists. Also, patients demand that the Attorneys General hold Express Scripts accountable! 

Express Scripts sent out an email and a mailer to many patients across our nation stating that their local trusted pharmacy is no longer in network. Many patients could be tricked into believing that the only way to obtain their medications is by risking their lives with mail-order pharmacy. 

Per a pharmacist, the letters "are not true. They send out this error every year and refuse to send a correction email or letter. There is no one to hold them accountable.

Imagine, your competition having access to your client list perpetually and they can send out these letters at whim with the only repercussion being that they might trick 30% of your clients. Absolutely abysmal.

We are contracted and will continue to be in network for Express Scripts and all the other plans out there."

Per a pharmacist, "Please disregard or better yet, call your congressman and complain about these predatory and anti-competitive behaviors that when it happens once, can be written off as an “error” but when it continually happens, it’s intentional."

Please care enough to get involved. Mail-order pharmacy isn't safe and patients deserve safe access to their trusted pharmacists. Many patients face life-threatening delays. The majority medications are improperly stored in only bags. The trucks and mail-boxes that most medications are shipped in are not temperature controlled and have been studied to reach temperatures of over 120-150 degrees in the summer heat.

Express Scripts is a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM). PBMs are creating pharmacy deserts and public health threats as their anti-competitive practices cause trusted pharmacies to close across our nation. This must stop. America's entire healthcare system is being harmed due to these unethical acts and unsafe access.


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Signatures: 2,741Next Goal: 5,000
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