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Expose the truth behind Hannah the Pet Society

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Simply put: renting pets is wrong.

For years, Hannah the Pet Society has been a focal point of concern for those who truly care about animal welfare and animals finding forever homes. Conveniently located in two Oregon shopping malls (no doubt preying on impulse buyers much like dreaded Scamp's Pet Centers of the past), through deceptive and expensive marketing campaigns, Hannah the Pet Society gives the impression to many in the community that they are doing great things for pets in need by placing them in loving homes. That they support the homing and adoption of shelter and rescue animals. That they source their animals from local rescues and shelters. And some believe this company is a not for profit, which it most certainly is not.

The fact of the matter is: it is unknown where Hannah sources its animals. They claim to work with local rescue organizations and shelters but the only shelter that was ever known to provide Hannah with a few animals terminated that contract due to Hannah recently euthanizing three dogs, two of the three dogs were sourced from their shelter:

And its failure to disclose where it sources its animals from leads many concerned community members, especially those in the rescue community, to believe that Hannah may be sourcing its animals from backyard breeders and or puppy/kitten mills. Why else would a company not be forthcoming with its sourcing?  What is there to hide?

Further discredit to this company can be seen in Hannah's business model: it does not promote good animal ownership or promote animals as being companion pets. Animals are treated as a retail item: simply bring it back and exchange it for something else if you're unhappy. What happens to these returned pets? How many times are animals shuffled from one home to the next? How many have been needlessly euthanized?

People who take an animal into their home need to be well-equipped and educated on how to care for and train an animal. Viewing animals as a dispensable and disposable retail item is in no way helping animals find good forever homes, nor is it promoting animals as actual living beings. With the amount of animal abuse, neglect and cruelty in this country, we simple cannot afford to support companies who do not aid in helping end these behaviors and in turn, actually encourage a mentality that animals are disposable items for retail consumption. 

And for as funded as Hannah is, it seems like a no-brainer that this company could very easily do the needed work of properly matching people with pets by doing home checks, meet and greets with other pets and children in the home, proper temperament testing, etc.These are things most small, underfunded, legitimate nonprofit rescues in Oregon do. 

Further, since animals are rented and are property of Hannah, this gives Hannah full authority and decision-making over important and vital things such as veterinary care. This means that Hannah can provide as much or as little medical care as they deem fit: and,

As a rescue advocate (who also runs a nonprofit rescue in Portland, Oregon) who truly cares about animals, understands that better educating the public on how to properly care for animals is vital, that thousands of Oregon shelter animals need homes, and that illegitimate breeding facilities and illegitimate breeders need to be put to an end, I want to see Hannah the Pet Society's business practices investigated and its sourcing of animals exposed.  And I know I am not alone!

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