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Expose Corporate Polluters

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Corporate polluters are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to block progress on clean energy jobs, independence from fossil fuels and efforts to fight global warming. We need to expose the climate criminals in order to taint their image and diminish their influence in Washington.

To get the word out several Greenpeace activists/emergency responders were on the scene of yet another climate crime on Wednesday March 17th, this time in search of billionaire oilman David Koch. As the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History unveiled its new David H. Koch Hall of Human Origins, our activists rolled up in our green emergency vehicles and passed out "Wanted" posters for David Koch and his brother Charles. The two are responsible for spending millions of dollars to lobby against climate action and fund climate denial.

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"Who the heck are the Kochs?" you might be asking, and I don't blame you. They're a pretty secretive duo, even though they are the principal shareholders of Koch Industries (it's pronounced like "Coke," by the way), an oil supply and refining company.

One of the brothers, David H Koch, even brags "we're the biggest company you've never heard of."

Koch Industries, an oil supply and refining company, is one of the largest private corporations in the country. Despite being virtually invisible to the public, Koch Industries is a top lobbying spender, a massive funding source to climate-denial front-groups like American's for Prosperity, and major force fighting against clean energy policies. Charles and David Koch, who own and control the corporation, drive the anti-environmental political spending.

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