Expedite my husband's case so he can be her for the birth of our son.

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My husband has lived in the US for ten years as an undocumented immigrant. We have worked hard and made a life for ourselves, but the shadow of his status always hangs over us. We live with the constant worry that he could be taken away from us. So my husband made a brave choice, and returned to Mexico to legalize his status, knowing it was our only real chance at living the American dream. He had already been given a pardon for his illegal entry, so in September of last year he headed to the US consulate in Juarez to finish the process. We have been apart from each other ever since.

I was only 10 weeks pregnant when he returned to Mexico. We thought he would be home by Christmas. We certainly didn’t think he would be away from me and our two daughters for six months. Just last week learned that our son will require life-threatening surgery and months in the NICU after birth. I will be unable to work or give our two girls the care they deserve while taking care of our newborn. We need Francisco here, with us, and soon, so he can be here for the birth of our child and be the rock to our family that he always has been.

Please help me tell the US Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS to put an emergency rush on my husband’s case, so he can come home in time to meet his new son. They are putting our family through undue hardship, depriving my children of their father and our family of its breadwinner.  

A few days ago, I went on the the USCIS’ website to see how long it would take for them to process my husband’s case, and my heart sank. The last one to be approved was more than 6 months ago, in July of 2015. They didn’t receive ours until November! There is no way my family can survive without my husband for another six months. And I worry that if there are complications with my son’s surgery, a bad situation could get even worse. My husband would never forgive himself if, God forbid, something happens and he isn’t here to meet him.

Francisco came here nine years ago from Mexico, looking for a better life. He put his head down, found a job as a landscape architect, learned English and stayed out of trouble. He is our family’s foundation and we need him now more than ever in this uncertain time.

Please join me in urging USCIS to grant my husband an expedited waiver.

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