Expand Health Coaching - Pass the Health Savings Acts of 2018!

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Expand Health Coaching - Pass the Health Savings Acts of 2018!

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The International Association for Health Coaches wants to make getting healthy more affordable and expand the accessibility of Health Coaches everywhere. That’s why we worked with United States Senators and Representatives to include “health coaching” as an allowable pre-tax expense in Health Savings Account expansion bills.

S.403 and H.R.1175 were recently introduced by Senator Hatch (R-UT) and Representative Paulsen (R-MN) to help make health coaching more affordable for our clients.   

Every day we are inundated with unhealthy options, from the candy bar at the checkout counter to the coke in the office break room to the drive-through calling your name on the way home.

Eating healthy isn’t rocket science but it does take support, guidance, and knowledge.

Health Coaches are playing a significant role in reducing lifestyle-related chronic diseases and their work significantly reduces medical costs. 

Unfortunately, those who make the choice to seek the guidance and support of a Health Coach must pay out of pocket for their services. Getting healthy should be incentivized, not penalized!

This policy improves access to health and wellness and lower the cost of a client's wellness expenses by expanding health savings accounts to include health coaching. 

Among other things, these bills will allow people to pay for Health Coaches with their pretax income giving more people control over their personal health care spending to hire Health Coaches.

Set a precedent for the inclusion of Health Coaches in important national health initiatives and provide further evidence of the growing acceptance of Health Coaches.

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This petition had 773 supporters

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