Expand bulk sections in local grocery stores to help reduce waste in our communities!

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There is so much waste that comes from the unnecessary packaging of products we buy. The plastic wrap around our meat and vegetables, the bags within boxes that house our snacks, or the endless containers for our bathroom supplies that we just toss after one use. 

We could significantly reduce the amount this city contributes to landfills just by giving the people options to buy in bulk in our immediate community. Right now the closest bulk food store with a decent selection is Berkeley Bowl. Though Berkeley might not seem far to some, as a mother with a small child who does not deal well with being strapped into a car seat, it’s just out of reach for us. Berkeley Bowl also has very little parking, so the fact that it’s mobbed by the folks from surrounding cities makes it even less appealing to go to.

Once I get enough signatures, I plan to reach out to the CEOs of Target, Whole Foods, Safeway, and Trader Joe’s, as well as our local stores to let them know how they can best serve this community. (This list will grow to include more stores over time.)

My goal is for at least one of these chains to see the benefits of adding/expanding bulk sections in their already existing stores. I feel like the more traction this movement gets, the more chain retailers (all over the world) can be convinced to make changes to support it. I’m starting locally, but hope this can become influential worldwide. 

More and more people are becoming environmentally conscious and are wanting to take the steps to reduce their waste. With the help of our local grocery stores, we can give them the tools to do so!