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Cheetah Endangerment Problem: Raise Awareness

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As you may know, there are relatively 7,000 cheetahs left in the world. In the 1950's there were over 10,000. Their population is decreasing faster than ever all because of us. Humans are taking their homes for agriculture and taking their lives. Poaching is one of the major causes for the cheetah's endangerment. 

     Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do but raise awareness for this species until it becomes a common animal again. The only place that these animals can possibly survive is if they're in conservation areas meant for them. But the downside is if they are put in one of these places then the species will not be able to survive on their own. Not only that but the captivity places are now full and cannot take proper care for them. Because of this the only place left is the wild where they are killed.

     Without cheetahs the food chain would be inbalanced because its prey such as gazelle will overpopulate. Overpopulation would only cause more chaos with the extinction of the cheetahs. If the species grows faster then they will be able to live on their own due to the success of population growth. They may be decreasing fast, but we can be faster and help them.

     We need to raise awareness for the cheetah before its species goes extinct. To help us out and the cheetah, you can do your part by signing and sharing with friends and family. You can also help us out by posting this on social media. Spread the word to change the world.

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