Exonerate Marzouk in Toyota Defect Case

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In March of 2006, Abdelfattah Marzouk was unable to stop his Toyota Camry after being rear-ended. With both feet on the brake pedal, he evaded traffic for several miles as his car malfunctioned and continued to accelerate down the steep hill that is Highway 99. 

New evidence shows that brake failure due to the initial crash damage, coupled with defective mechanisms in his Toyota were what led to this horrific car crash and the tragic death of a wife and mother.

Mr. Marzouk was convicted of manslaughter, accused of "using his car like a bomb" and taking off down the road in a fit of rage with no regard for human life.

He served out his full 10 year sentence. A year and a half following his release from Oregon State Penitentiary, he was finally granted an inspection of his vehicle. John Sandeen discovered evidence supporting the claims Marzouk has stood by all these years.

In short; Marzouk did NOT have functional brakes. He was NOT pressing the gas. His Toyota had defective parts which caused the throttle to stick open, resulting in Unintended Sudden Acceleration.

Marzouk's attorney failed to obtain the necessary inspections that would have proven his innocence with certainty. The original inspections were incomplete the inspectors provided false testimony.

Toyota has an admittedly long history of faulty mechanics in their vehicles.

Mr. Marzouk and the family of the victim deserve justice. The Oregon Dept. Of Justice as well as Toyota need to hold themselves accountable for their negligence which resulted in loss of freedom for Marzouk, and loss of life for Patricia Taylor.

His Post-Conviction Relief hearing is scheduled for August 16th, 2018.

The goal of this petition is to show Honorable Linda Louise Bergman, Senior Judge and the Oregon DOJ that the public supports the exoneration of Mr. Marzouk. 

Additionally, we are hoping this will ultimately result in the prevention of future fatalities due to negligence in car manufacturing and testing. This is a great injustice on so many levels and must be addressed. Please sign to show your support.

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