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Mondo Media New Animated Series: Exeron Fighters.

Exeron Fighters Is A Cartoon Crossover Fighting Show (Made By Matthew Miguel Maisonet "Triple M"), They Uses Trunks, Sports Bras, And Shoes For Boys, Girls, And Kids, And They Use Fingerless MMA Gloves With Two Tapes And Logos:

And Use Animal Aura Power And Super Moves Will Knock Your Scream Out And Fainted!

First, The Evil Sol Mastermind, Rell, Has Put All The Old And New Cartoons, Into A Tournament Of Blood Aura Fighting.
Johnny Test, A Kid With The Flaming Hair, Has To Make A Fiery "Test" Fist That Is Made By Twin Sisters, Mary And Susan.
Norman Babcock, a 11-year- old boy who has the ability to see and speak to the dead, Has Known His Power For Breaking The Spell, He Doesn’t Know To Meet Johnny, But Somehow They Didn’t Like Each Other About That.

Jacob Two-Two, A Two Plus Two Plus Two Year Old Mere Boy With
A Wind Strength Of Fire And Calls Him The Fiery Dogbite Who Attacked By a Unknown Person.

Sid Marlin, The inquisitive youngster Who Learns Science With His Friends And Family, And He Likes To Play His Toy, Dr. Beaks, Than Later He Teach Fighting Style Of Break Dance To Fight Any Opponents. 

Mona Parker A Young Girl With A Vivid Imagination. Her Alter-Ego Is Mona The Vampire Has A “Vampire Sense” Which “Tingles” Every Time. Something Unusual Or Odd Happens, And Later On, Her Snobbish Rival, Horrible Rich Girl Angela Smith, Had A Bad Mouth Hearing Her Unstable Voice, Mona Had Enough, She Getting Her Mouth Shut, And Finally, She Want To Fight With Her, Her New Ways To This Power Is Called Blood To Her Nightmares, Now She Wants Her To Defeat Her.

From Ponies Into Humans (Just Pony Ears And Pegasi/Alicorn Wings), Twilight Sparkle, A Faithful Student Of Princess Celestia, Her Assistant, Spike The Dragon, And Her Friends: Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Applejack, And Rainbow Dash, Her Family Was Celebrate Her For The First Time From “Mystery Magical Cure”.
Meanwhile The Great And Powerful Trixie Lulamoon, Was The First Main Antagonist, But She Is No More, She’s Reformed With Starlight Glimmer Now, They Congratulate Twilight For Being A Princess, But Now, Celestia Wants Trixie To Become Princess Too. And Finally, A Sad Sunset Shimmer Was The Worst Person For Being Cruel And Dishonest.
She Was To Steal Twilight’s Crown In The First Place. What Sunset’s Trying To Do, Being Dishonest Or Good To Become A Princess?

Reneé "The Rattlesnake" Ratelle A Skateboarding Loving Girl Won A cash prize is offered to the top student of the school With A Help Of Jacob, Buford And The Brightest Exchange Student Ann Kendyak, And Later She Started To Teach Fight Her Opponents At No Time.

A Fight Between Applejack And Filthy Rich, Both Apple Bloom
And Diamond Tiara Are Uncouple Enemies When Started Fighting, But What They Do Started into A Fight Between These Two Girls.

Both Tsuki The Hedgehog Meets Jubilee The Hedgehog About Amped Battle Fight.

After Rell Making The Cartoon Explosion On Royal Woods, Lincoln Loud And Her Sisters Lori And Luna Was Survive, As Their Parents And Shocked Their Sisters: Leni (Age 17, Same As Lori), Luan (Age 15, Same As Luna), Lynn (Age 14), Lucy (Age 13, Open Her Eyes, Then Covers It), Lana And Lola (Ages 16 W/ Loose Tooth (Like Ages 6)), Lisa (Age 11) And Lily (Age 8), His Friends, Clyde And Ronnie Anne, And Everyone In Royal Woods Are Become A New Place.

And New Characters: Sakura Steel, Christy And Oliver Frogman, Li Bow Kaplow, Cree Lincoln (Normal, Ninja Attire, Black Trunks/Red Trim), Sonya Silverman (Silver Attire), Lee Diskin (Normal, Brown Attire, 3rd Attire – Made By T K G), Virginia Sims (Normal, Pajama Attire – Made By Theknockoutkings, Black Trunks/Red Trim), Abigail “Lil’ Abby” Lincoln (Blue Trunks/White Trim), Lilo Pelekai, Vell, Amy, Ghoultika, Batch And Gluko, And More.

  • Exeron Fighters Is Coming To Mondo Media.
  • This Early-Winter.

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