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Put an end to North Carolina's Cruel 'Opposum Drop' event

On New Year's Eve, Clay's Corner, a retail store in Brasstown, North Carolina, owned by Clay Logan, is holding its annual "Opossum Drop" event, during which a live, wild, captured opossum will be suspended inside a small, clear Plexiglas cage for hours above a rowdy crowd while being forced to withstand bright and flashing lights, smoke, and a near-constant barrage of loud noises—including live bands, the firing of black powder muskets, and a fireworks display. At midnight, the opossum will be "dropped" (lowered) into the crowd and then released.

Opossum are sensitive, small, wild prey animals who avoid human contact at all costs. Being suspended for hours in a see-through box over a screaming crowd and subjected to excessive noise and smoke would be pure terror for the animal. The smoke and noise can damage an opossum's sensitive hearing and respiratory system, and the chaos can cause such a shy animal to suffer from severe and potentially fatal stress-induced conditions.

Logan apparently lacks the proper North Carolina permits to hold this animal, and the "Opossum Drop" clearly violates North Carolina law, which states that animals held captive must be treated humanely. PETA has asked Logan to replace the live animal with a stuffed or animatronic opossum, but he's refused.

Please sign this petition to urge officials to do everything in their power to end this illegal, cruel act. 

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  • Executive Director, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
    Gordon Myers
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    Dale Caveny Jr.
  • Chief, Wildlife Management Division, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
    David T. Cobb

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